At Shangri-La Mall, you will find a variety of international cuisines to satisfy every palate at your doorstep. Be ready for the culinary delights that await you.

Deli Manjoo
Our products are not machines that simply make food. Rather, we believe them to be a means to create a new culinary culture, which includes new trends like healthy living. Through this new culture, our lives become more enjoyable. It is our business at Delice Global to bring this culture to the whole world.
Tous Les Jours
Sky Walker
Caffe Bene
Frozen Yogurt
World Wine
Intermed hospital is working toward delivering world class healthcare services in our homeland, through introduction of pioneering and innovative healthcare advancements. In 2016, we became the First JCI Accredited Hospital in Mongolia, after we met the accreditation standards and achieved “Gold Seal of Approval”. We have 91 inpatient beds and also, in addition to our main departments of surgery, internal medicine, pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology, intensive care (ICU) and anesthesiology, we have specialized cabinets of ear, nose and throat (ENT), dentistry, eye care, neurology and allergy. Intermed hospital’s team of best doctors and specialists operate with the highly advanced technologies and equipment for diagnosis and treatment, and ensure service quality and patient safety on high level.
Food Park
The Food Park was established with an aim to set a new benchmark in the fast-casual dining sector in Mongolia, offering affordable yet high quality multi-cultural food in a clean and modern atmosphere. We are dedicated to ensuring that each guest receives prompt and courteous service within a comfortable and well maintained premise. We believe that good food is primary source of good health and wellbeing. Hence, our menu items are inspired by Asian fusion cuisine and feature gourmet offerings such as Japanese Teriyaki chicken, Korean spicy pork, Thai green curry and Pad Thai. In addition, offer Mongolian traditional dishes such as Khuushuur, Tsuiwan, noodle soup and more.
NATIONAL SUPPLIER – “ITALIAN ICE CREAM LLC”Our company was found in 2008 by releasing the advanced global high technologies in Mongolian on purpose of producing Italian Soft Serve Ice-cream, known as GELATO for over hundred years, Currently for 9 years, we continually run the business in the sector of manufacturing ice-creams and trades. We offer and serve to the valued customers and targeted clients with 15 different types of unique tasty sundaes produced with the high technologies and well qualified raw materials of Italy and Germany and we always focus on ensuring the health standards MNS0226:2011 and delivered the fresh and natural fruits and organic products every single day. Since 2016, we have expanded the business by opening Gelato Coffee House, franchises of Coffee Shop.We are grateful to serve you with 12 different kinds of hot and cold coffee, brand tea from Althaus and Essse, variety rich types of shakes and smoothies as well as delicious cakes, burgers, beverages and juices etc.We also offer delivery service inside Shangri-La Mall.