At Shangri-La Mall, you will find a variety of international cuisines to satisfy every palate at your doorstep. Be ready for the culinary delights that await you.

A love for the game, a passion for innovation and a certain French elegance. Since 1933, the story of Lacoste has mirrored that of its founder, René Lacoste, the French tennis legend who revolutionized the everyday wardrobe. If you prefer simple, valuable and free control, Lacoste will fit your style perfectly. Lacoste’s “Fall/Winter” 2020 collection has just arrived at the Lacoste store in Shangri-La Mall. Keep warm while maintaining a stylish look with Lacoste jackets, windbreakers and coats.
October - Full of Surprises
Lumior by Ahava
Power Booster Consists of precious, resilient, elements from desert nature that thrive in the harshest conditions within and around the Dead Sea. 1. Dunaliella Salina algae 2. Date Palm Fruit Extract 3. Deep Dead Sea Water (Mineral Elixir)
Versace Jeans Couture Fall / Winter 2020 collection
The Versace Jeans Couture Fall / Winter 2020 collection has just arrived in Mélange Store. The highlight of this collection is the re-enactment of the iconic Riot Grrrl style of the 1960s and 1990s, which had a huge impact on the development of punk genre. We proudly present to you the perfect combination of luxury Italian style prints and 2020/2021 trend colors and styles.
Okaidi New Product
For your little ones, it's also a start of a new school year! A little bit of color, lots of comfort and a few fun animals are the perfect thing to accompany them on their way to daycare.
Dear customers, make a purchase of more than 200,000 MNT from the official Xiaomi store of Mongolia and choose one of Xiaomi's colorful trendy backpacks that contain full of surprise high-tech products.Highlights in the bag: Xiaomi Electric scooter m365 Xiaomi Redmi 9A Smartphone Xiaomi LS_02 Smartwatch Xiaomi LS_05 Solar Smartwatch Xiaomi GT_01 Eardots Remax Power banks Remax USBs
Royal Ballet School of Mongolia
Royal Ballet School of Mongolia is now offering both kids and adult classes. Ballet practice improves flexibility and muscle strength and tone; it can also be an outlet, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Monthly fee: 120,000₮-150,000₮Location: Level 4, Shangri-La CentreContact: 7557-1000 9911-3055
Okaidi | Back to school!
Shirts, polo shirts, and pleated skirts in navy blue and white for a stylish and laidback look in this back-to-school season.
Mongolia's first organic skincare brand Lhamour
LHAMOUR - Mongolia's first organic skincare brand is now offering its most awaited August Discounts! Make sure to visit LHAMOUR store at Shangri-La Mall. -All skincare products: 10% off -Travel butter set: 15% off Sale period: August 1-20th.
Intermed Hospital | New Service
Intermed Hospital is the first JCI accredited hospital in Mongolia, providing international standard medical care. We are offering a new TRADITIONAL MEDICAL CARE from 27 July at Intermed Clinic branch. Our Traditional Medicine doctor DOLGORSUREN CHOIMAA provides following services according to international standards and practices: Pulse diagnosis Tailbone alignment diagnosis Pelvic & hip changes diagnosis Manual therapy Acupuncture Cupping Electric moxibustion Massage treatment
Pandora autumn collection is now available.
Okaïdi & Obaïbi | Let’s protect our planet together
In line with our approach, we are committed to designing ever more responsible collections. Today: 100% of our bodies are in organic cotton and we use 50% of recycled polyester in our swim shorts! Our goal in 2025: 100% more responsible materials!
1. SKIN TIGHTENING AND REJUVENATION TREATMENT Ulthera non-invasive face lifting treatment + Skin tightening injection up to 20% off discount. 2. HAIR LOSS TREATMENT Hair filler injection + hair regrowth laser treatment up to 20% off discount 3. SKIN WHITENING AND GLOWING TREATMENT Skin whitening and glowing injections + Neck, arm and chest whitening additional injections up to 30% off discount (optional) Hyperpigmentation and age spots reducing injections + Neck, arm and chest whitening injections up to 30% discount (optional)
Godiva – It’s more than just chocolate
Until 15 of July, we are giving away free Mini Cinnamon Rolls for eachper every Americano purchase. You can choose your roll topping from our 4 delicious types of chocolates. July 16 – 31: Buy 2 coffees and Get 1 for free.
Venezia Boutique SS2020 Collection
New arrivals Spring/Summer Collections | Opale Venezia, Violanti
PEDRO | End of Season Sale
PEDRO | End of Season Sale has officially started! Save up to 50% on selected items only until 12th of July.
Charles & Keith | up to 50% SALE
CHARLES & KEITH | End of Season Sale has officially started! Save up to 50% on selected items only until 19th of July.
Michael Kors | Now Open
The world-famous American designer MICHAEL KORS has created luxurious, noble, and elegant designs and a constant demand among women and youth. Founded in 1981, MICHAEL KORS brand has over 870 stores worldwide. On 29th of June, MICHAEL KORS opened its official store in Shangri-La Mall, Ulaanbaatar. Please do not hesitate to visit our official LIFESTYLE store located on the 1st floor of Shangri-La Mall to check out luxury handbags, wallets, watches, jewelry, and MICHAEL KORS women's shoes.
iPad Pro | Coming this MAY at Apple Store
New iPad Pro coming this may at Apple Store Shangri-La. Now with the A12Z Bionic chip, iPad Pro is faster and more powerful than most Windows PC laptops. The new iPad Pro adds an Ultra Wide camera, studio-quality mics and a breakthrough LiDAR Scanner that delivers cutting-edge depth-sensing capabilities, opening up more pro workflows and supporting pro photo and video apps. The LiDAR Scanner, along with pro cameras, motion sensors, pro performance, pro audio, the stunning Liquid Retina display and powerful apps, extends the lead of iPad Pro as the world’s best device for augmented reality (AR).
iPhone SE | Coming this MAY at Apple Store
A new iPhone SE coming this May at Apple Store Shangri-La. A powerful new iPhone featuring a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, paired with Touch ID for industry-leading security. iPhone SE comes in a compact design, reinvented from the inside out, and is the most affordable iPhone. The new iPhone SE is powered by the Apple-designed A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone, to handle the most demanding tasks. iPhone SE also features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone, which unlocks the benefits of computational photography including Portrait mode. iPhone SE features an aerospace-grade aluminum and durable glass design with an all-black front, and is available in black, white and (PRODUCT)RED.
MacBook Air 2020 | Coming this MAY at Apple Store
Offering quad-core processors for the first time, MacBook Air now delivers even more speed across everyday activities, from organizing photos and creating presentations to editing videos. Featuring the latest 10th-generation Intel Core processors up to 1.2GHz quad-core Core i7 with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.8GHz, MacBook Air delivers up to two times faster performance when compared to the previous generation. And with Intel Iris Plus Graphics, MacBook Air now delivers up to 80 percent faster graphics performance, so graphics-intensive activities like playing games and editing video are faster than ever.
HÖGL, STEVE MADDEN well-known shoe brand store has opened at Shangri-La Mall
We are pleased to announce “HOGL|STEVE MADDEN” official store has opened on the 1st floor of Shangri-La Mall, bringing forth worldwide famous quality-style shoes from HOGL, STEVE MADDEN and other shoe brands such as Salamander, Nero Giardini, Tamaris and Caprice.
Shangri-La Serviced Apartment New Terms
Shangri-La Serviced Apartment has updated its minimum-stay terms. Now if you wish to stay at Shangri-La Complex and enjoy its countless benefits for a month, you certainly can. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information Rent Inquiries : 8810–3217, 8810–3205
The embodiment of sophistication and style is exuded in the line of footwear and accessories from PEDRO. An international influence for both men and women, heightened fashion acumen is channelled with style each season.  The collection for men offers contemporary footwear, bags, belts, wallets and an array of small leather goods in stylish and confident designs; whilst the women’s collection offers a diverse line of footwear, bags and petite accessories with femininity in confidence. Transcend style with PEDRO throughout the seasons in the culmination of emblematic looks from a rising brand of modern luxury.
Charles & Keith
CHARLES & KEITH was founded with a vision to empower women around the world to express themselves freely through fashion. The brand constantly reinvents fashion with its modern and curated collections of footwear, bags, accessories, eyewear and costume jewellery.
Kai Kitchen Knife
KAI kitchen knife is a brand known for the exceptional quality of its kitchen knives and its more than 100 years of experience in the field of cutlery. Since it’s found in 1908, Kai manufactures more than 10,000 different products such as razor, scissors, surgeon knives, and kitchen knives. Being one of the leading brands of Japanese cutlery field, KAI products are widely used and appreciated by professional and home cooks from all around the world even Mongolia. We offer you one of the brand of KAI kitchen knife which named Sekimagoroku. Seki stands for Japanese city of blacksmiths, Magoroku is famous blacksmith in Seki city. The history of the cutlery in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture began in Kamakura Period (1185-1333) and the Seki’s blacksmiths made many celebrated Japanese swords. Entering the Meiji period (1868-1912), the samurai disappeared in Japan and no one could wear a sword. The city’s blacksmiths became to produce the Japanese kitchen knives for the people’s cooking. The number of masterpieces of Japanese knife was created in this period and those techniques are used in Sekimagoroku. Choose the knife that best fits your needs and discover why Japanese cutlery is so popular around the globe.
Atsugi Japanese Stocking
In 1947, Mr. Rokusuke Hori established Atsugi Henshoku Inc. Since the establishment of the company, it became the top brand and leader in the industry as we developed seamless stockings, pantyhose, and supportive stockings ahead of the times. Moreover, ATSUGI Inc., is the pioneer of the industry which released the first tights in Japan fully concentrated in crafting Japanese luxury legwear of exclusive high quality. The company’s philosophy is to contribute to the "Beauty and Comfort of All Women". We recommend ATSUGI, ASTIGU, EXHALE, THE LEG BAR and JELAIME brands manufactured by Atsugi Inc.
IQ Air
WORLD LEADER OF INDOOR AIR CLEANING SOLUTIONS Selected for the fight against SARS, Trusted by Doctors and Hospitals. For more than 50 years, IQ Air has remained at the cutting edge of indoor air purification. In 1963, IQAir introduced the first home and workplace air cleaning system and started an industry that continue to lead today.
Beauty Secrets
Beauty destination for Mongolian women… Since the establishment, the Beauty Secrets thrives to advocate women empowerment and innovative services to Mongolian women. Beauty Secrets LLC is the first and biggest beauty online store with the aim to focus on educating, empowering, supporting women and women businesses. The company first introduced subscription service to Mongolian market through its BeautyBox concept, where trendiest and newest in the market products can be tried at a delux sizes. The concept of Beauty Box was very innovative and opened many new channels for other related businesses in the online and offline retailing.
Conveniently located in the downtown UB, CHILI presents delicious featured broths made of fresh ingredients that wonderfully pairs with different tastes and hotpot toppings. It has a unique atmosphere catered towards friends and family groups and can host up to 100 people at once.
Marella was originally created in 1976 as a Max Mara collection and became an independent company in 1988. Today Marella is a consolidated women’s fashion company with flagship stores in the main cities in Italy and worldwide.Marella is part of the Max Mara Fashion Group.
Mongolian Professional Designers Union
Mongolian Professional Designers Union
Tom N Toms
TOM N TOMS Black opened its 1st store at Apgujeong in 2013. Since then, TOM N TOMS Black opened several stores in Seoul areas including Dosanro, Itaewon, Cheongdam and Cheonggak Plaza, and established its position as a premium coffee specialty brand. TOM N TOMS Black sells premium blend coffee and single origin coffee which are only sold in Black stores, so that customers can enjoy the coffee according to their preference. In addition to coffee, TOM N TOMS Black also welcomes customers with variety of beverages that can be enjoyed only in Black. Located in the 'hot place' of downtown areas such as Gangnam, Itaewon, and Gwanghwamun, TOM N TOMS Black offers a variety of bakery menu and is also popular as a brunch store. You can enjoy simple meals with coffee, including pretzels, pizza and sandwiches.
Mongolian men's stylish neckties and accessories brand.
In 1852 Hiram Hutchinson, an American engineer living in France, met Charles Goodyear, who had just invented the vulcanisation process for natural caoutchouc. While Goodyear decided to manufacture tyres, Hutchinson bought the patent to manufacture footwear and initiated the production of first watertight boots worldwide in 1853. Today, our 200 master rubber craftsman continue to hand make almost 3000 pairs of boots every day. It takes a master rubber craftsman 2 years to fully master the 60 production steps required to make a pair of AIGLE boots from 1.2 kg organic rubber. In the 20th century the company expanded into the production of sports shoes and clothing and has over 300 stores worldwide as in 2016. The unique French expertise, passed down from generation to generation for 160 years in our Chậtellerault workshops, ensures that our boots, shoes and clothing combine authenticity, and practicality. High quality and attention to detail are the core principles of every collection design, which guarantee a perfected and long-lasting product, that suit city as well as country lifestyles.
VIP Car Wash
VIP Car Wash had been established in 2011 and has been operating successfully since then with the objective to provide professional car cleaning service in a comfortable environment. We carefully select the appropriate cleaning solution to achieve the best possible results. Professionalism and results are our promise. If you are planning to visit Shangri-La Centre, then you are always welcome to visit the VIP Car Wash located in the basement B1. While you expend your time on the things that matter the most, your vehicle will be in the safe hands until you finish your trip along the centre. Your car will have become spotless and fresh. 
Total Sport
The Total Sport store offers variety of automatic and mechanic sporting and exercise equipment. Regardless of what sport’s items you seek, with the large portfolio of products ranging from simple basketballs to extensive multi-function sports equipment, you will always find them from Total Sport.
Timberland Mongolia
Timberland is a famous American clothing and footwear company. In 1973, the brand name "Timberland" was introduced for the waterproof leather boots produced by the company. Because the boot proved to be very popular, the company name was officially changed to The Timberland Company. Nathan Swartz, a son of a shoemaker, started helping his father’s work since he was 16-year-old teenager, and worked hard for a half century toward his dream to make his dream to create an iconic Yellow Boot come true. This boot called Yellow Boot was not only a dream of a Hebrew boy, but also changed the human history. The first of its kind of boot, which was renowned all over the world by its warranty of waterproof and lifelong quality, has been still popular on the market. Its secret is a perfect combination of full-grain nubuck leather with sealed seams, four-row stitching and injection-molded eco-soles permanently bonded to the top of the boot, 100 percent cotton laces and leather foot bed. Besides, its collection is being enriched by more comfortable and light-weighted sporty kinds. “Naran Lifestyle” LLC has become an official distributor of this legendary boots since 2012. Since established its first branch in Naran Mall in 2012, it has been enlarged to 5 branch stores based in famous shopping malls, namely Naran plaza and State Department Store in 2013, and Naran Place and Shangri-La Mall in 2017 respectively. With its 5 years long business success, we have been making our full efforts to provide polite customer based service to bring 100 percent customer satisfaction.
Portal VR
Have you ever tried virtual reality games? We offer you the chance to throw yourself into your favorite game environment and immerse yourself in an endless fun. Feared of heights, darkness or maybe even monsters, then you can visit us to face your fear and get over them, or you could just simply play the various fun games to measure how fast and agile you are.
Desembre Paris
Desembre purchases all ingredients from Paris and manufactures the intricate products with the help of Hyunjin company technology. The Nano gold hydro technology offered by Hyunjin is an extraordinary technology allowing for 99.99% of pure gold to penetrate the deep most layer of the skin, delivering unprecedented rejuvenation and recovery at the cellular level. Until 2015, Europe more specifically France, pioneered the global beauty industry. Starting from 2016, Korea had taken over France as the leading provider of beauty products and cosmetics. The immediate results achieved through the use of Korean cosmetics had propelled the Korean beauty industry to the very top. Each year, Korea conducts domestic competition among the cosmetics’ brands awarding the company with highest performance in terms of product quality, results, packaging, customer satisfaction and design, and Desembre had been granted the Premium award.
Ruby Room
The most famous burger in Ulaanbaatar is the Mexican Burger at Ruby Room. Although the burger is considered a fast food, their facility is designed as a top notch burger kitchen. High quality burgers are prepared in a restaurant setting. They pay special attention to the ingredients of their burgers, ingredients such as their buns, patties, and cheese. For instance, the beef is minced twice while twenty percent of the patty has fat, making it tasty and juicy. Ruby Room does not use frozen french fries because they have no nutritional value. Instead they use locally grown Mongolian potatoes fried with the skin to preserve nutrients. There are 6 different burgers which vary in price depending on the ingredients used. Ingredients such as bacon, avocado, and grilled pineapple.
Converse is an American lifestyle brand founded in 1908 in Maiden, Massachusetts that produce footwear and apparel. It has been a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. since 2003. Converse manufactures its products under the Cons, Chuck Taylor All-Star, and Jack Purcell trade names. In addition to apparel and footwear, the company sells other items through retailers in over 160 countries. The official Converse stores are operated by BlueMon Group in Mongolia since 2017. Through the official Converse retail stores in Mongolia, consumers benefit from the opportunity to purchase authentic and new season products with quality service and most importantly at official retail price.
With Brand Management, Product Design, R&D;, Distribution and Retails core competency, Li-Ning is focusing on providing consumers’ professional sports products and service, especially in running, basketball, badminton and training categories. Li-Ning has more than 6,000 mono-brand stores and at the same time the E-commerce busines s increases very fast.
Khur brand
Relying on Mongolian craftsmanship and ingenuity in leather-making, the Khur brand manufactures high-quality, robust, unique and purely organic ecological products and exports them worldwide. With a portfolio of more than 20 products, including skin wallet, hand bag, sport pack, travel bag, key lanyard, business card holder and belt, the company delivers quality products in compliance with the clients’ color and design requests.
Mon Eclair
For the first time in Mongolia, we are delivering the famed French éclairs fresh with 16 different tastes, decorated and packed to please every taste buds through our Shangri-La Mall branch in Ulaanbaatar. We are looking to add 4 more tastes to our current portfolio to serve our customers with 20 different tastes. Majority of the ingredients used in our products are finest quality chocolate and sweeteners imported direct from Europe to deliver the best achievable taste. We stock other items manufactured by local producers with desired qualities.
NIKE, based near Beaverton, Oregon, USA, is the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. The official Nike stores are operated by BlueMon Group in Mongolia since 2012. Through the official Nike retail stores in Mongolia, consumers benefit from the opportunity to purchase authentic and new season products with quality service and most importantly at official retail price.
La Sportiva
La Sportiva was born in 1928 when Narciso Delladio hand-crafted wooden leather boots for many lumber-jacks and farmers of the Fassa and Fiemme valleys (Dolomites, Italy). After the war, the demand for boots increased obliging Narciso to hire new workers: the good name of "Calzoleria Sportiva" crossed the boarders of the valleys. Starting from here the La Sportiva’s history continued to grow. Now the firm produces in Fiemme Valley boots and shoes for all kind of outdoor activities from climbing and mountain, categories in which La Sportiva has the market leadership, to mountain running, trekking and the skimountaineerging market. Recently the company entered in the skimountaineering segment and in the apparel market with a complete selection of technical clothes for running, skimountaineering and climbing. La Sportiva who produces mainly in his headquarter at Ziano di Fiemme, is distributed in more then 70 countries worldwide.
ZOSON is new brand by Zoson Fashion Co., ltd, Mongolia. Our products have a unique design with ideas from Mongolian nomadic life and their free-mind philosophy. We do customize Mongolian tradtional patterns with quilting technology. And all fabric we use is 100% cotton, USA brand for quilting. Our company founder, also designer is professional fashion designer, especially experienced for quilting and patchwork since 2006. And she is the only quilting teacher who wrote a book about learning how to quilt for beginners. All product design is trademark of Zoson fashion Co., ltd, Mongolia. In Zoson Boutique, you can meet brands as Vera Braldey, USA and The Mongolian, Inner Mongolia. More natural, more rest.
The place Paris, the date 1968, the collection Denim. Thus begins the history of the Sisley brand which was to introduce, year after year, a revolutionary dress compared to current standards, perfectly in tune with cutting-edge trends. At the start of each season Sisley brings out collections for men and women whose basic aim is to be always on the same wavelength as those who follow the most appealing side of fashion. With 900 retail outlets worldwide, Sisley represents on the clothing scene a recognisable life and dress style. Today Sisley is a brand with a strong personality: sexy, unconventional and with a powerfully contemporary aesthetic which makes it immediately identifiable and popular. The collections, echoing the values expressed by the brand, are always at the leading edge, attractive and attentive to details, and quality.
THE FIRST PAIR OF DR. MARTENS 1460 BOOTS ROLLED OFF THE PRODUCTION LINE ON THE 1ST OF APRIL 1960 AND WERE ORIGINALLY MANUFACTURED FOR WORKERS. Throughout our history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by diverse individuals, musicians, subcultures and tribes. These are the free thinking individuals who stand out from the crowd in their own unique way and whose journey of self-expression and individual has always been accompanied by a pair of DM’s.
The company was founded in 2003 and has quickly grown to become one of the biggest sports brands in China. It was one of the main sponsors for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, equipping more than 100.000 volunteers and officials in head-to-toe 361° gear. In China 361° is a major supplier of sports gear for all kinds of sports like running, basketball, football, swimming, outdoor and much more. Following the initial success in China the brand decided to internationalize its business. Learning from some other Chinese brands’ initial failures, the family owned company decided to make sure their first product introduction was going to be better than expected. The goal was to deliver products that compete with the best in the market. 361° hired a team of international experts from the sporting goods industry to work together with its team in Xiamen with a mission to support athletes all over the world to perform beyond their expectations.
Beauty Avenue - World of beauty
Welcome to the Beauty Avenue, the hottest retail store on the 2nd floor of Shangri-La Mall bringing together the official outlets of more than 10 beauty brands. The multi-brand store offers diverse selection of beauty and cosmetics merchandise enabling our customers to immerse themselves in a sea of skincare, body care, haircare and makeup products from famous beauty brand labels namely Algotherm, Dermacol, Desembre Paris, Kryolan, Mild Cosmetics, Monos Cosmetics, Oppen, Skincode, Catrice, Teradia and Wella. The brand experts are always there to provide you with assistance in finding the perfect product suitable for your special needs. Visit Beauty Avenue to take a glimpse of world-class service.
Sports Corner now open
When going to the gym, being well equipped with quality gears and appropriate clothing can mean the difference between effective exercise and wasted effort. The same can be said for outdoor travels. If you feel you are falling behind because you lack the necessary gears and threads, you can always visit the Sports Corner to cover every avenue of your sporting needs. Expose yourself to the world of sports with proven brand products from La Sportiva, Columbia, Timberland, Nike, Converse, 361 and Li-Ning.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut began in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, and today is an iconic global brand that delivers more pizza, pasta and wings than any other restaurant in the world. A true innovator in the pizza category, Pizza Hut is not only the first to provide Pan Pizza, but Pizza Hut is also the first ever pizza online purchase. The global footprint of Pizza Hut is almost 40 percent larger than their nearest competitor with and nearly 15,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. They are taking the powerful Pizza Hut Red Roof icon and accelerating the growth of their Delivery, Express and Dine-In channels around the world. We have launched the very first Express concept in Shangri-La Centre and through this branch you can order your favorite pizza any size you want. Ingredients of our pizzas are specifically produced for Pizza Hut by approved suppliers which meet international standards and the real taste of pizza is delivered to you under high control.
GODIVA is the global leader in premium chocolate over the past 90 years, it offers a range of chocolate creations and is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the Belgian tradition. With over 600 owned stores and a presence in more than 100 countries world-wide., Godiva was – and still is – the story of an exceptional Belgian family whose passion for chocolate drove them to greatness. GODIVA is committed to bringing the ultimate chocolate experience to the world.
Caractère è il marchio d'abbigliamento per la donna contemporanea e sicura di sè dallo stile elegante e senza tempo.
Pole of high-level expertise, our research laboratory, composed of a specialized team permanently, selects innovative ingredients to create and develop unique formulas for the beauty and well-being of the face and body. Two basic principles, two lengths ahead of marine care.The seawater and the seaweeds have unique analogies of composition with the blood plasma. This resemblance, coupled with the natural phenomenon of osmosis allows to lead, in the heart of our cells, active principles exactly measured and perfectly in affinity with our body. Fascinated by the oceans and their numerous wealth, the team Algotherm took up the challenge to be the first brand in marine cosmetics to formulate paraben and phenoxyethanol free products. Products tested under dermatological control. Active ingredients 100% made of marine and vegetable origin. Algotherm respects the environment and the marine ecosystem
As many of you may have heard Belgian beers, brewing and beer culture. Belgians are famed for many things including beer and cycling. Unique to Belgium is its long-standing tradition of producing beer in self-sufficient monasteries a process rooted in the Middle Ages with seven monastic breweries still operating in Belgium and Holland today. These Trappist breweries are part of the Benedictine order of Catholic monks and produce about 25 labels, all marked with the special designation of “Trappist” ales. Accordingly, we’re aiming to introduce this impressive beer and European appetizing food culture in Mongolia through our restaurant. Primarily, 16 types of Belgian crafts are prepared and our well-trained staffs ready to serve. Our capacity for total 70 – 100 person including outside garden. We hope our attractive Brussels Grand Place-like interior and convenient ambience would be preferred place to gather. Belgian crafts introduced first time in our market also no other local restaurants or supermarket channels are allowed to resale and beer types would increase up to 60 in further moreover several branches scheduled to arise.
Founded in Copenhagen in 1982, the PANDORA brand and its jewelry represent affordable luxury, contemporary design as well as personal storytelling. PANDORA’s feminine universe offers vast opportunities for personal expression. Consistently designed from our strong brand DNA, PANDORA offers a wealth of charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Allowing women to express their personal style.
CU Convenience Store
Wella Professionals
Wella is a major German hair care company headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. Founded in 1880 by Franz Ströher, it specializes in hair care, styling and colorants sold to individuals as well as hairdressers.For over 130 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity.
Mild Cosmetics
Being founded in 2002, Amuulai LLC have specialized in product imports and distribution and starting from 2005 the company started to import Authentic Japanese beauty products directly from Japan partnering with more than 25 suppliers to provide more than 1000 different merchandise to the local market. Our team always aspire to deliver the same service quality, comfort and satisfaction you get in Japan with an affordable price. We provide our service through 10 branches located in Ulaanbaatar city, as well as 8 subsidiaries scattered nationwide.
Cole Haan
Shaped by over a century of craftsmanship, innovation and style, the Cole Haan collection offers something for everyone: premium footwear, accessories and outerwear for men and women. Cole Haan can be found throughout the United States, Canada, the Middle East and Asia, and wherever you are at www.colehaan.com. The company is headquartered in New York City and Yarmouth, Maine.
Platinum is the official outlet store of a Mongolian designer living and working in the USA.
Yves Rocher
It was 50 years ago, in the attic of his family’s home, in the heart of Bretagne, France, that Yves Rocher created Botanical Beauty, based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential. From the very beginning, he insisted on controlling every step of the production cycle in order to guarantee quality and safety of all products for a respectful and accessible brand.For the past 50 years, we have harvested our own organically grown plants. We extract the best ingredients from the plant world and offer you products that are manufactured in our very own factories in Bretagne.We have always distributed our own products (by mail orders, stores and Beauty Institutes, and online) without any intermediaries, to ensure that you get the best of beauty care at the best possible price.
Since the invention by Levi Strauss in 1873, Levi’s® jeans have been capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations.
Valentino is amongst the leaders of international fashion to believe in the elevated added value that derives from a global vision of style, developed through collections of Haute Couture, Prêt-à-Porter, Valentino Garavani accessories, eyewear and fragrances licensed in partnership with Puig.One of the world's most loved luxury brands, Valentino maintains its signature elegance and modern aesthetic through iconic shoes, handbags and ready-to-wear.
Tony Moly
Tony Moly is a street culture brand that suggest an enjoyable urban beauty lifestyle. Tony Moly leverages the aura of streets that are abound that flourishes with beauty, uniqueness, facial expressions and joy from cities that are full of chic beauty beautiful and energy. No more tedious, ordinary day-to-day beauty routines! Add more fun to your life.
Tous Les Jours
An Artisan Bakery Serving a Unique Selection of Freshly Baked Bread Since its launch the Mongolia in 2016, TOUS les JOURS has developed into a reputable bakery & cafe franchise, specializing in French-Asian inspired baked goods, passionately made from the finest ingredients. At TOUS les JOURS, we offer more than 300 different kinds of bakery goods, including bread, pastries, cakes, desserts, and beverages. We bake each day to provide fresh products for our guests and take pride in sourcing and using carefully selected fine ingredients.
Trade and Development Bank
Trade and Development Bank (TDB) LLC was established in 1990 and over past decades, has become a leading banking and financial services provider in Mongolia. TDB, the oldest bank of Mongolia, prides itself for its leading position in the universal banking service provider, offering over 130 types of international standard banking products, professional and user friendly banking services. The Bank acts as a primary lender to most of Mongolian leading corporations as well as foreign corporations and foreign representative offices across all major industrial and commercial sectors with a constantly innovating range of universal banking products and services delivered with dynamism and excellence in service and quality. TDB is undoubtedly the major player in the financial and banking markets as well as a major innovator of the Mongolian financial sector.
Sky Walker
At Sky Walker our aim is to create wonderful modern classic Restaurant & Lounge for Ulaanbaatar. Simulate your senses with classic cocktails, elegant Western Europe food. Drinks list partly a tribute to classic cocktails. But also offers signature drinks created specially for Sky Walker.Please ask any of our team to help find you that perfect drink and if there is any think else we can do. Just let us know. Have a great time.
Pioneer of the wristwatch since 1905, Rolex is at the origin of landmark innovations in watchmaking, including the first waterproof wristwatch - the Oyster - and the Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism. At Rolex, we believe in the spirit of adventure that lies within each man and woman. This innate potential gives pioneering individuals the courage to follow their passion and reach beyond the limits of their own mental confines to benefit their communities and the wider world.A Rolex is always cherished, but it also transcends its material value and takes on a personal meaning. Whether it is an heirloom, a milestone of success or a gift, a Rolex watch frequently becomes an emotional symbol that brings to life exceptional moments.
Portmeirion was founded in 1960 by the legendary pottery designer Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband Euan Cooper-Willis. Susan sadly passed away in November 2007 but her philosophy of creating collections that are not only beautiful but also functional and affordable lives on at Portmeirion. Always at the forefront of contemporary design, Susan Williams-Ellis was renowned for her originality in both design and manufacturing techniques. This has led to her enviable reputation for producing striking shape and pattern designs that were trend setting and had worldwide appeal – designs that are now seen as iconic.
That is ISAIA, the Neapolitan high-end menswear firm. ISAIA was founded in Naples in the 1920s thanks to the intuition of Enrico Isaia, forefather of the family, who opened a fabrics store for the most renowned tailors in town. In the early 1980’s, as the brand gained recognition and the new and more aggressive business strategies, Isaia began a process of industrialization and internationalization, which led to distribution of its products abroad: in Europe, Japan, China and America. Isaia’s history and success are based on the concept of made in Naples, a value meant both as Neapolitan tailoring tradition and as exclusive product knowledge, esteemed around the world. The Isaia man is like Naples. He knows how to go beyond shared definition and stereotypical clichés. Passionate, sophisticated, irreverent, eclectic and elegant, style for him is a matter of instinct. Dynamic, classic, contemporary, and ever-changing, he is always searching for his own style. He believes in uniqueness and his clothing expresses the most harmonious, simple and natural representation of his personality. His spontaneous, magnetic and natural elegance is tailor-made around his individuality. A value that is rooted in the company’s DNA and in that of all the people who are part of it, as some have been for generations. In fact, Isaia produces its garments only and exclusively in Italy, at Casalnuovo di Napoli, subjecting them to severe quality checks during the many steps of production. The brand’s success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and to combine tradition with innovation, the sartorial culture of needle and threat with cutting-edge technologies, while constantly innovating its style.
Hankook Cosmetics
Korean skin care, make up products for Mongolian women Brands: Saimdang Korean medicinal herbal cosmesutical brand, it makes to be improved healing itself.Joycos Cosmetics that bring joy to skin Ipse Ipse is derived from Latin, meaning “Make yourself beautiful” YADAH: YADAH is born to protect the pure and clear skin. Only the purest and most natural. Research and development by the best scientists.
Goo Brand
Goo is a Mongolian brand manufacturing all natural beauty and skincare products with 100% natural ingredients. The company produces 35 types of handmade organic cosmetic products. The first Mongolian cosmetic franchise is not only blooming in Mongolia, but also has opened up branches in Japan and China as well. The company does not mix chemicals to increase the product’s age. For dry and sensitive skin, the company produces 20 kinds of new products for export, such as resin drops, resin body lotions, lip nutrition, face scrub with seabuckthorn and coffee, masks with seabuckthorn, ointments with lemon, collagen and honey, bath bomb for foot and bath salts with milk and rose.
Fratelli Rossetti
Fratelli Rossetti has a long tradition of “great little innovations”: within the company, tradition and quality have always gone hand-in-hand with insatiable curiosity and a commitment to innovation. From the introduction of tassels and the invention of shoes designed to be worn without socks, to stylistic innovations and the launch of the “mannish” style, through to the application of color in unrepeatable chromatic hues. Thanks to outstanding craftsmanship, Fratelli Rossetti shoes are made to stand the test of time: nonetheless, like all precious objects, they should be handled with the greatest of care. Meticulous treatment will ensure that shoes retain their original softness, suppleness and lustre over time.
Need a special present for your friend or loved one? Look at our carefully selected range of gift items. We also offer wide range of home decoration items, garden and workplace. Choose among fragrant roses in many colors and pot plant that will embellish your environment and lift your spirit.
Damiani historically is a leading company in the Italian manufacturing and trade sector of jewelry and high level luxury watches. Founded in 1924, the Damiani brand excelled in Italian and International markets, becoming an ambassador of Italian and a synonym of excellence and the best Italian jewelry tradition. Creativity, design and entrepreneurship are the key elements that have driven the Damiani family for nearly a century, together with a deep passion for an art that has passed on from father to son and also been transmitted to the third generation, now the head of the company. Strengthened by an almost centennial tradition, Damiani has always been renowned for the quality of products and materials adopted and the exclusive design of its collections. The innovative marketing and communications strategy and the proven experience of the management team are two additional key elements that contribute to Damiani’s leadership position in the jewelry market sector. The success of the brand is the result of a perfect combination of creativity, research and innovation, merged with a profound knowledge of the goldsmith’s tradition at an international level.
Venezia Boutique
Centre Optique
We started this business since 2007. We make mostly prescription classes and eye exam such as an optometrist or optician. We also sell sunglasses, contact lenses such brand as - S.T DUPONT, OAKLEY, A BATHING APE, LACOSTE, BURBERRY, CK, JIMMY CHOO, ALEXANDER MQUEEN, OXYDO, TOM FORD, RAY BAN, MARC JACOBS, COACH and many more! CONTACT LENSES -BOUSCH LOMB, FRESHLOOK, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON. Our store located at center of the city right before State Department Store. We currently operate 65sqm space.
Baldinini was established in 1910 at a time when many small artisan enterprises started flourishing around San Mauro Pascoli, on the Adriatic coast of the Romagna region, and gradually changed from itinerant to permanent businesses. Baldinini successfully crossed the fine dividing between art and craft. A result achieved with the contribution of valuable master artisans and co-workers as well as many skilled hands. Baldinini makes hundreds of thousands of shoes each year, all of which are designed and handmade in Italy. Meticulous quality control accompanies the production process of each stage, from design to packing. Including finishes and appliques that are often done by hand.
Baigal is a newly established luxury jewelry brand of Mongolia. The best description of Baigal jewelry is that nomadic feelings are the most distinctive feature of this brand. Baigal jewelry offers the finest, up scaled jewelry with great selection of gemstone maintaining the essence of tradition and innovative design, art and culture. We specifically carry the best gems found all over the world that are eye-catching, and one could spend hours looking at them. Our selection range in various colors, sizes and styles to meet the unique needs of the class woman. Baigal jewelry uses finest materials of white, yellow and rose gold as well as sterling silver to ensure enduring quality.
Glamorous, colorful and Italian Spirit. (Underwear, beachwear, homewear, hosiery, cosmetic products and accessories)
Adventure Zone
Bring your little ones for a wonderful experience at Adventure Zone Multi level playground. Being outfitted with various play areas, games, party rooms, family villages and 5.5 to 7m tall slides through 2 different sections catering to the needs of all children up to age of 12, the playground is the perfect complex of joy and entertainment. If you have decided to visit Adventure Zone, don't forget to wear long trousers, sleeves and socks for unforgettable experience.
Caffe Bene
Originating from Seoul, Caffè Bene is the largest coffeehouse chain in South Korea by number of stores. Caffè Bene is designed after European open-air cafes. The word "Bene" in the brand name comes from the Italian word for "good." This brand combines the European open-air atmosphere and traditional Korean culture of "Sarangbang".Like other coffee chains, Caffè Bene sells brewed coffee, espresso drinks, hot and cold beverages, pastries, sandwiches, waffles, gelato, and features a rotating seasonal menu with accompanying seasonal fare. In addition, Caffè Bene features misugaru, a traditional Korean drink, which "consists of black sesame seeds, black bean, black and brown rice and barley".
Naran Cashmere
Snow Field Co., Ltd was established in 2004. We produce all kinds of clothing, blankets, pillows using cashmere, yak and camel wool. We export 70-80% of our products to Asia and Europe.
Established in 2000, Mongolia’s biggest bookshop offers a rich selection of magazines, DVDs, office stationeries and of course an abundant collection of books. Our shops regularly host book openings and public discussions as well as other cultural events.Aiming at the best service and convenience for our customers, the Internom culture store has recently opened in the centrally located Shangri-la mall, where readers can make their choice among a both Mongolian and English language books, gifts and souvenirs. We are proud that our new Shangri-la branch has become a popular venue for book openings, author interviews and meetings.Together, LET’S READ, LET’S LEAD
We offer a full range of progressive esthetic services, with most locations offering both spa, medi-spa and hair salon services, as well as a retail boutique where leading hair and skincare products are available to our guests. We continue to lead the spa industry by embracing the latest advancements in skin care and wellness, providing our experienced staff with continuous in-house training. We believe that real beauty emerges from healthy, well-nourished skin and hair, and will continue to expand our high standard services and products in the coming years.
World Wine
The “Vinotage” offers the unique opportunity to taste world's finest wines with excellent food pairings. “Vinotage” is comfortable and elegant dining destination, which have outstanding 300 selections wine list from 8 countries around the world. You can choose interesting wine menus to pair with the food.
For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Our flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people, a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, and collaboration with our partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions. Since 2013, Techno Zone LLC have been selected as the official distributor of Samsung in Mongolia distributing the Samsung branded products and services to the local market.
Capitron Bank
Capitron Bank was founded on November 16, 2001 with 3 billion MNT worth of charter fund and 17 employees. Our bank was recognized as the first bank to introduce electronic banking products to the market by the Central Bank of Mongolia which is directly in line with the foundation of our bank’s name. The name Capitron originates from the words “Capital” and “Electronic” merged and thus meaning to electronically manage funds. As of March 31st 2017, the bank’s total assets has reached 467 billion MNT and Capitron Bank has surpassed all of the financial criteria defined from the Central Bank of Mongolia and is working with its increased financial capacity. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance our bank’s services, support projects, businesses and small to medium enterprises which positively impact our society, environment and economy as well as utilizing enhanced technological and innovative developments, introducing smart banking services, and focusing on the continued advancement of electronic banking products and services. We sincerely thank our clients and partners whom have put their trust in us and collaborated with us for years. We will further retain your trust and we will be your best choice of smart and dependable banking.
MONGOLIAN ORGANIC SKINCARE BRAND Natural Essentials LLC was newly established in 2014 and is a fully Mongolian owned company. We are striving to become the leading national natural skincare producer and our first products are ready under the brand name “Lhamour”. We are honored to be one of the few companies to receive the “Certified Organic Product” label by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce, acknowledging our commitment to 100% no waste production. Our goal is to create a global unique and young natural skincare brand that uses Mongolian rich natural resources and gives the skin the natural and true nourishment it deserves. We produce every single product by hand and are 100% female company so far. We are committed to be being creative, innovative, honest and transparent and try to make each product as unique and healthy as possible.
The Trippen experiment Contrary to the popular opinion that a company can only be economically successful by ducking its production responsibilities, Trippen proves the opposite: modern design combines environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility.Inspired by upcoming developments, the designs take fashion trends on board, but resist their throwaway nature. The shapes of lasts and sole units as well as the types of materials used remain unchanged. Repeatedly coming up with new ideas based on the same principles requires a great deal of creativity. The challenge lies in the pattern technique.Over the years, Trippen has developed its own characteristic style in this regard that has nothing in common with traditional shoe patterns. These unique pattern experiments form the basis of every collection. The new designs are supplemented by fashionable colour schemes. The collections are not replaced every season, rather existing styles remain available.
Maral is a Mongolian leatherware brand that specializes in the manufacturing of wallets, handbags and accessories. As one of the pioneering local leather brands, all products manufactured under the Maral brand umbrella are made with the efforts and creativity of Mongolian designers and craftsmen.
The Geox group has consistently invested in innovation, ever since it was founded. Its Montebelluna head offices are host to R&D; facilities, which are unique in their kind. Here, 15 engineers, chemists and physicists are employed in research on perspiration and human-generated heat-movement patterns, testing all materials used in their foot wear and manufacturing clothing. The Montebelluna based team of scientists have created and patented new machinery to help them pursue their research. Geox also works with major research labs and universities to test and refine new technology. GEOX has opened its official store in Mongolia in September 2013 in MaxMall. Since that time GEOX became the most favorite footwear BRAND in Mongolia.
Gerard Darel
The leather craft creations by Gerard Darel are designed in our Paris studio and manufactured in France and the Mediterranean basin. Meticulously selected for their quality, our leathers are from the best tanneries, mainly in Italy. The details and finishing touches are treated with care. The accessories of the exclusive metalwork are refined and delicately enhance the leather.efine new technology. The collections may sometimes reveal the influence of the vintage chic of clothing and accessories gleaned at the Flea Market. Each design is original and incarnates a timelessness that transcends fashions and history.
Carter's Oshkosh
Founded in 1865, Carter’s has dressed generations of children. It all began when William Carter decided to knit mittens in his kitchen. Today, Carter’s is the number one children’s brand, selling over 10 products for every child born in the U.S. We have a childlike point-of-view that reflects our heritage of innovation and expertise. We make clothing for children from newborn through size 7: baby, sleepwear, playclothes and accessories. We provide trusted products that are super comfy, easy care, adorable and don’t break the bank.
Urgoo Cinema IMAX
Urgoo cinema is the largest movie theater chain of Mongolia with 3 branches in Ulaanbaatar city and 1 branch in Erdenet city. Moreover, the cinema hosts the only IMAX proprietary cinema projection standard screens in its Shangri-La Centre branch delivering the biggest cinema experience for the whole of Mongolia.
Intermed Clinic
Intermed hospital is working toward delivering world class healthcare services in our homeland, through introduction of pioneering and innovative healthcare advancements. In 2016, we became the First JCI Accredited Hospital in Mongolia, after we met the accreditation standards and achieved “Gold Seal of Approval”. We have 91 inpatient beds and also, in addition to our main departments of surgery, internal medicine, pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology, intensive care (ICU) and anesthesiology, we have specialized cabinets of ear, nose and throat (ENT), dentistry, eye care, neurology and allergy. Intermed hospital’s team of best doctors and specialists operate with the highly advanced technologies and equipment for diagnosis and treatment, and ensure service quality and patient safety on high level.
Our store was first established on the 5th floor of State Department Store two years ago and sells all kinds of smart phone related products such as: smart phones, cell phones, tablets, laptop accessories, chargers, portable chargers, Bluetooth headphones, aero phones, 3D virtual glasses etc., We aim to provide extensive range of accessories to both our local and foreign customers, delivering famous international brands like Otterbox, Element Case, i-Carer, Fineday, Pierre Cardin, Loopee, Cannice, Baseus, Lunatik, Moshi and Remax.
NATIONAL SUPPLIER – “ITALIAN ICE CREAM LLC” Our company was found in 2008 by releasing the advanced global high technologies in Mongolian on purpose of producing Italian Soft Serve Ice-cream, known as GELATO for over hundred years, Currently for 9 years, we continually run the business in the sector of manufacturing ice-creams and trades. We offer and serve to the valued customers and targeted clients with 15 different types of unique tasty sundaes produced with the high technologies and well qualified raw materials of Italy and Germany and we always focus on ensuring the health standards MNS0226:2011 and delivered the fresh and natural fruits and organic products every single day. Since 2016, we have expanded the business by opening Gelato Coffee House, franchises of Coffee Shop. We are grateful to serve you with 12 different kinds of hot and cold coffee, brand tea from Althaus and Essse, variety rich types of shakes and smoothies as well as delicious cakes, burgers, beverages and juices etc.We also offer delivery service inside Shangri-La Mall.
Unitel Group started its operations in 2006 as a mobile operator company and since then expanded the services by establishing various ICT companies such as IPTV, Broadband and VoIP services provider company - Univision, Satellite services provider company - Orbitnet, content and application development services provider - U-Planet, movie producing company - Prime Pictures, and recently added Satellite network’s analog television service provider DDish TV to its much extended family. With its wide services, Unitel has already become ICT services’ provider group company.Upon these 10 years of establishment, Unitel group has added 1 million mobile subscribers and 115 thousand households to its customers base, and its mobile network now covers 100% in provinces, sums and concentrated areas of Mongolia’s wide land. As vital network of communications, Unitel’s fiber optic network covers bigger cities of Mongolia, which are Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet, Nalaikh and Baganuur. As always making the first steps to bring the world class cutting edge services and products to its customers, Unitel Group was the first in Mongolia to introduce its customers to 4G LTE network and continues to contribute towards its country’s economic development.
City view from Shangri-La Centre
Shangri-La Hotel opens in Ulaanbaatar
Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, is located right in the heart of the city centre. It is an ideal base for both business and leisure travellers and within walking distance. The hotel features 290 elegant and spacious guestrooms with a minimum of 42 sqm and contemporary and indigenous fusion design. For guests seeking a higher level of attentive and personalized service, the Horizon Club is perfect for both business and leisure travelers. With the largest portfolio of conference and meeting venues in Ulaanbaatar, no other luxury hotel in the city offers more versatility and options than Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar. The hotel's venues include the Shangri-La Ballroom (1,300 sqm) and eight other function rooms on multiple floors. Explore an impressive variety of cuisines from around the world at Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar's Café Park. The restaurant features a unique open-theatre-kitchen concept, making it the first restaurant of its kind in the city. On level 2, experience Naadam, a restaurant and bar with outdoor seating that boasts commanding views of the city, mountains and more. Feast on splendid Dongbei cuisine at Hutong, Chinese restaurant, or enjoy the refined surroundings of the Lobby Lounge, which features an array of beverages and afternoon tea. Relax and re-energize at The Health Club, which includes a gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath.
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