Gobi Cashmere

Established in 1981 Gobi JSC is Mongolia’s first cashmere manufacturer and one of the largest vertically integrated cashmere producers in the world. With a capacity to process 900 tons of raw cashmere, spinning 500 tons of yarn and 30 tons of fine yarn, weaving 1,100,000 meters of garment, knitting 1,000,000 pieces of clothing and sewing 162,000 pieces of coat, the company manages its entire value chain - from sourcing raw cashmere directly from herders to processing and manufacturing cashmere products at its massive facilities in Ulaanbaatar.

In addition to ODM or Original Design Manufacturing for international luxury brands, the company designs, manufactures, markets and sells its own brand products through its retail branches and franchise stores around the world. The company employs 2,113 people and operates with 6 stores in Mongolia, in addition to 60 franchise stores and 5 branch stores operating in 40 cities of 13 countries.

Address: Unit 111
1st floor

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