For 22 years, GOYO has stuck to the ideal of being an innovator for creativity and quality. In 1993 GOYO was established as the first private cashmere and wool company with just 50 employees, has over the decades developed into a vertically integrated enterprise with annual production capacity of more than 300,000 pieces of cashmere products.

GOYO believes in the importance of keeping up with the latest trend in fashion and design by implementing it into the brand’s core values while always keeping in focus the brand’s effort to initiate sustainable development in Mongolia. GOYO continually enhances the talents of our main asset – the people.

Today GOYO employs over 400 people and also cooperates with technicians and consultants from high fashion market leaders such as Italy, Japan and Great Britain. We have grown into a domestic market leader in ready-to-wear cashmere knitwear products as well as becoming one of the most recognized brands with distinguishable designs and quality. Not only are we domestically established, but we are growing in our international market by expanding our brand to Europe, Asia and North America.

Address: Unit 120
1st floor

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