Monos Beauty

“Monos Group” company was established in 1990 as a first factory for medicines and cosmetics with its name “Monos”. Now after 26 years the company runs its activities in medicines, cosmetics and health production manufacturing, imports and exports of goods, wholesale and retail, research, education and various other service fields.

Form its very beginning “Monos Group” was actively involved in various activities for the social welfare, children and youth’s education, human resource, sport, art and environmental protection, and strived to support the production of new products, and best services and initiatives for the benefit of the customers. The company always works to fulfill its social obligations to provide the customers with the best secure and quality products.

“Monos Group” set for themselves the goal and purpose of manufacturing and offering the world standard and latest products and services to accelerate the renewal and development of the health sector of Mongolia.

Address: Unit 216d
2nd floor

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