Myrine was founded in 2010 by the Fouyn family. Their entrepreneurial spirit and 29 years of experience in manufacturing and producing women’s and children’s apparel are the bedrock of this Antwerp-based brand. Today their extensive knowledge and know-how is used to create unique clothing for urban Amazons and one-of-a-kind women. This magical brand can be discovered in high-end boutiques all over Europe, Japan and Canada.

Every day the Myrine-team goes to extremes to create an emotionally charged brand that appeals to those who are looking for quality at the best price point. The Myrine woman is elegant and sophisticated. She possesses a timeless grace which she expresses through a sense of that is out of the ordinary. To her, true beauty is something that can only be found from within and in the little things in life.

Address: Unit 213b
2nd floor

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