• Founded: 2005; Henderson, Nevada USA
  • Founder: Angela, Brian Edgeworth
  • It all started with a mom's hunt to find the best shoe for her little girl. Pediped footwear was founded in 2005 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth. After their first daughter Caroline was born, Angela started to do a lot of thinking about footwear and the kind of shoes that would be best for her child. She wanted a shoe that was comfortable and stylish and that could be worn both indoors and out. Most importantly, she wanted a shoe that was healthy for her daughter’s feet. Eleven years later, pediped is one of the most loved children's shoe brands around the world.
  • Today, pediped has become one of the fastest growing children's footwear brands in the U.S. and offers more than 130 designs spanning EU sizes 17-38. pediped’s three footwear lines include Originals (soft soled shoes for children ages birth to 2), Grip ‘n’ Go (soft rubber soled shoes for children about 9 months to 3 years) and Flex (rubber soled shoes for children about 1-9 years). pediped is sold all around the world.
  • The pediped philosophy is simple: comfort, quality and style, in that order, which is why pediped® was one of the first children’s shoe companies the American Podiatric Medical Association awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.
  • Pediped uses only the highest quality leathers, and our craftsmanship is second to none. The soles on an Originals shoe are made of two layers of slip-resistant, high quality leather. The soles on Grip ‘n’ Go are a thin, natural rubber that provides an ideal level of protection and flexibility. Flex soles are also made of natural rubber to allow maximum flexibility.
  • Our mantra has always been comfort, quality, and style—in that order. From its inception, pediped® has created stylish footwear that promotes healthy foot development.Pediped uses high-quality materials and carefully craft shoes that are comfortable and supportive for growing feet.

Address: Unit 201 A-B
2nd floor

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