Tea Garden

At our specialty tea store “Tea Garden”, we offer some of the most luxurious and premium teas from around the world. Consumed for thousands of years by people everywhere, tea is considered one of the purest and healthiest drinks you can find. This amazing natural wonder is proven to be highly beneficial to the human health, as it is rich in antioxidants that detoxify cell-damaging free radicals in the body. There is a widespread notion that consuming tea may even help prevent cancer and diabetes therefore.

Teas around the world vary vastly. Depending on the season of harvest, geographical characteristics of where it is grown and unique processing techniques employed by different countries, teas come in in wide range of colors, aromas and strenght. In other words, there are teas for any kind of taste and preference.

Athough all teas are healthy, only the premium and certified highest grade teas have the power to truly nourish our bodies deeply and provide the most preventative health benefits. At Tea Garden, we offer only the best. Our selection of premium teas come handpicked from world’s top tea producing countries, such as Japan, China, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. Visit us! See and taste it for yourself! Invest in the well being of your and your family’s health by choosing only the best teas from our stores!

Address: Unit 309d
3rd floor

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