Unitel Group started its operations in 2006 as a mobile operator company and since then expanded the services by establishing various ICT companies such as IPTV, Broadband and VoIP services provider company - Univision, Satellite services provider company - Orbitnet, content and application development services provider - U-Planet, movie producing company - Prime Pictures, and recently added Satellite network’s analog television service provider DDish TV to its much extended family. With its wide services, Unitel has already become ICT services’ provider group company.

Upon these 10 years of establishment, Unitel group has added 1 million mobile subscribers and 115 thousand households to its customers base, and its mobile network now covers 100% in provinces, sums and concentrated areas of Mongolia’s wide land. As vital network of communications, Unitel’s fiber optic network covers bigger cities of Mongolia, which are Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet, Nalaikh and Baganuur.

As always making the first steps to bring the world class cutting edge services and products to its customers, Unitel Group was the first in Mongolia to introduce its customers to 4G LTE network and continues to contribute towards its country’s economic development.

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Level 3

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