Valiant Art

Our company Valiant Art LLC was established in 2005 specializing in Art. Since 2009 We have been importing world known European home and office furniture, Interface American carpet tile, curtain materials, all types of home decorations and efficiency oriented raised floor and many more to Mongolia all the while being the official distributers of these renounced brands.

We strive for the ultimate costumer service that includes high quality interior design, quality focused implantation using best materials. In 2009, we developed the Key -Turn interior design project by combining with Mongolian art.

Our main products and service:

  • Art Gallery
  • Interior design, 3D rendering
  • Interior and exterior design decoration,
  • European luxuries office and home furniture,
  • Commercial flooring
  • Best fineness equipment in the world - Precor
  • Italian curtain

Our shop will provide full services for ready curtain that includes: measurement, sewing and installation. We have large variations of design and colors that fits to your home's interiour design.

Our elegant Italian fabric curtain and handmade carpet shop is located at 1st floor of Buddha Vista complex in Zaisan.

If you have any questions regarding our products and services please contact us at 7712-0083,

Unit 219 2nd floor

Opening hours: