Brut 19'32 Brasserie

Established in 2021, "Brasserie Mongolia" LLC owns and operates the "Brut 19'32 brasserie" restaurant, which aims to introduce European cuisine, incorporate modern restaurant trends, and offer innovative products and services.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, within the Shangri-La Mall center, our "Brut 19'32 brasserie" restaurant embodies exceptional service, accompanied by an ambiance of harmonious music and contemporary interior design, aligning with the operational standards and customer preferences of modern global restaurants.

We cater to various types of banquets in our VIP sections and the main dining hall. Our VIP sections, located on the second floor, can accommodate 8-15 and 15-25 guests respectively, while the main dining hall on the first floor has a capacity of 30-50 guests.

Address: Unit 401c
Level 4

Opening hours:


Brut 19'32 Brasserie