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This is the story of Elisabetta Franchi, the beating heart of the namesake brand, who managed to rock the female universe with her style and creativity: her success rests on her unlimited passion, painstaking care for product design, sheer devotion to her job and a good share of pragmatic sense. Quality, craftsmanship and sartorial expertise: these values are behind every Elisabetta Franchi collection, for a luxurious style that has become the new standard in the world of fashion. From research, to the study of materials and fabrics and the creation of prototypes with painstaking care for details, every single phase of the production of each item is carried out at the headquarters, immersed in the green countryside near Bologna. The fashion house’s innovative ideas are turned into reality by expert hands, in an on-going dialogue inspired by a passion for excellence. At the heart of all collections is a constant improvement of fitting and superior care for details, which result in garments and accessories of the highest quality, characterized by a sophisticated elegance which is a true symbol of “Made in Italy”.

Thanks to her style, which ranges from elegance to sensuality, Elisabetta Franchi rapidly conquered the celebrity world. Hollywood stars and influential professionals like Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Lady Gaga, Amal Clooney and Kate Hudson, just to name a few, have worn her dresses with great elegance and simplicity on red carpets and at international events. Elisabetta Franchi has achieved her dream of "dressing all the most beautiful and influential women in the world" by focusing on a well-defined product strategy: proposing versatile clothes suited for every woman and occasion that convey femininity and sensuality without ever lose the boldness typical of the Elisabetta Franchi woman.

The Elisabetta Franchi Retail Network now includes more than 70 mono-brand and it is mainly developed in Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia.

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Elisabetta Franchi